Travellers Left Stranded As Protesting Trailer Drivers Block Mokwa-Jebba Road In Niger


Some trailer drivers who were protesting about the government not allowing them to ply a certain route in the Mokwa Local Government Area of Niger State left road travellers stranded as they blocked the Mokwa-Jebba Road in the state.

It was learnt that the blockage of the road which is vital in connecting many commuters from the northern part of the country to the southern region started about a week ago by the displeased trailer drivers.

A traveller simply identified as Mrs Ojerinde told The PUNCH that she has been on the same spot since 10am on Tuesday as the trailer drivers refused all entreaties to allow motorists the right of way.

She said, “The trailer drivers said the government claimed that they are the ones spoiling the road. The government gave them an alternate route to ply but the drivers said their trailers are falling off the alternative route, saying the road is bad.

“The protesters said they paid taxes as well and they are entitled to use any road in the country. They insisted it is either the government opens their route for them or they will continue to block this Mokwa-Jebba Road. The traffic has reached Jebba, extending to Ilorin.

“So many perishable wasted already, it’s so sad.”